What Could It Be?

Hello everyone! We’re starting off September with a MYSTERY! A mystery that one of you will hopefully solve!

When we were up in Alaska, we found a MYSTERIOUS piece of trash along the shoreline of the beach.

Mystery Trash

It didn’t look like the regular trash that washes up (empty bottles, pieces of net, jellyfish, etc) – there was a styrofoam box (on the left) attached to a stretchy rubbery material (on the right).

The styrofoam box had some MYSTERIOUS wires coming out of it:


And taped to the back of the styrofoam box was a MYSTERIOUS MESSAGE!


What in the world could it BE, we wondered?

Do any of YOU have an idea of what it might be? Make your suggestions in the comments and whoever gets it first wins a free book! Or, if nobody gets it right, we’ll pick whoever comes up with the most interesting answer! So put on your sleuthing hats and let us know what you think it might be…


  1. Balloon Borne Hot Wire Anemometer for Strastopheric Turbulence Soundings.

    According to the pdf I just read.

  2. Conrad thinks its a submarine on the bottom and a cruise ship on the top.


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