That’s a Lotta Balloons!

Hello all! Now that we’ve taken care of publishing excitement, let’s get back to the Theme of the Month: Weather Balloons!

Do you want to know something crazy? REALLY CRAZY?! I mean, CRAAAAAAAAAZZZZZY?!!!!

Alright. Prepare yourselves:

In order for scientists to collect the information they need to give us our daily weather reports, twice a day, every day, at exactly the same time, they send up weather balloons in over 900 different places across the whole earth!

That’s 1,800 weather balloons a day!!

That’s 657,000 weather balloons a year!!

That's a lotta balloons

That’s a lotta balloons. I’m kind of wondering why I’ve only ever found ONE.

I’m going to be spending this afternoon painting some weather balloons. I wonder where they will be… over the ocean? Over a city? Or maybe over the tundra, which is where we live in Alaska where we found our balloon. Maybe you can spend your afternoon painting a weather balloon. Where will yours go?

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