Love for the Frog

Kids everywhere have been reading The Girl With Frogs in Her Ears, and parents have been sharing their opinions. Here is a sampling of what we’ve heard.

From Chloe in Connecticut:

“The Girl With Frogs in Her Ears just arrived and Jackson says: “It is hilarious, clever, charming, sweet, and GORgeously illustrated. I’m an only child, too—or at least I thought I was, but now you’ve made me wonder if my real brother and sister aren’t just off in some ogre’s ears. That would be cool.” Just kidding! That was me who said all that. Jackson is napping. I can’t wait for him to wake up, though, so i can read it to him!! I love it so, so much.”

From Charity in Washington, DC:

“It’s just beautiful!! The story is funny and rewarding and the illustrations are just beautiful. GORGEOUS in fact. I just want to ooooh and ahhhh over every single page. Great visual pace and Roman thought it was funny and later told me that he too had frogs in is ears! ALSO Roman loves the blob. So much so that he smuggled (!) it into preschool today. He really wanted to show it to his teacher who thought it was also very cool. Congrats guys! We’re happy to be in the club.”

From T.J. in Arizona:

“We received The Girl With Frogs in Her Ears yesterday and I read it to my daughters twice before bedtime. Our three girls absolutely loved it! They laughed so hard throughout, at both the writing and the illustrations. My wife and I wanted to congratulate you on an amazing job and we can’t wait for more of your quirky stories!”

From Eunice in California:

Got your new book! The boys made me read it to them twice today. Spencer loved piecing together the fact that the person the ogre sticks in his ears at the end of the story is the mayor. Tyler loved the idea of a mountain shaped like an eggplant.

As for me, I love the fact that creating books has become a regular part of our boys’ life – and that they think it’s totally normal to be receiving books in the mail created by some friends of ours. Thanks for demystifying—and personalizing the book making process for our kids. It’s pretty awesome.”

From Mortimer in Connecticut:

Me: Well, what did you think?
Archibald: That was weird!
Me: Did you like it?
Archibald: YES!

From Judy in Maryland:

TGWFIHE is now in the rotation, with Skippyjon Jones, of preferred bedtime stories! Teo’s favorite part being when the mayor shouts at Vera. Also, you owe me one playing card, to replace the one that was immediately bent and put into service for Simple Jim (the parental permission part was hastily skimmed over and subsequently ignored by the one that can read.)

As you know, it matters not how much the parents like the book (we do!), if it doesnt get kid approval, it’ll never make it into the bedtime pile. Vera, the frogs, the ogre and the mayor earned all four thumbs up (2 thumbs each x 2 kids).

From Cathy in Oklahoma:

“Emily and I read the book twice yesterday, but both times were before Neil arrived home from rowing practice, so while Emily showed him her new book, he didn’t get the chance to read it.  Well, tonight when it was his turn to do the bedtime story duty, Emily once again insisted on The Girl With Frogs in Her Ears.

Neil got as far as the first page — the bit about the girl forgetting all about her missing siblings — and was already giggling heartily.  A few pages later, he was still laughing and said, “Matthew has a lot to answer for with this one.”  (Whatever that means.  Sounds vaguely threatening if you ask me, but I think he meant it as a compliment.)  So, on he reads, and eventually gets to the appearance of the Ogre.  Noticing the Ogre’s ears, he said, “Oh dear, the Ogre has legs sticking out of his ears.”  Emily immediately chimed in helpfully and proudly with, “It’s her lost brother and sister!” not realizing that she was giving away a relatively significant plot development.  The best part was that Neil was truly a bit disappointed that she had spoiled part of the story.  I got a good giggle at that.  Good times…

Anyway, Frogs in Her Ears is definitely a hit in our household.  The goal for tomorrow is to play Simple Jim.”

From Vivien in Kansas:

We can’t decide whether Vivien’s reaction more closely resembles scorn or the exquisite enjoyment that comes from deep thought. You be the judge.

Regardless, we couldn’t be more pleased with the first two weeks of Bobbledy. Already 150 kids are in the club, and from what we can tell, they are reading and enjoying the books. And what’s more, they are picking up their crayons and making their own pictures.

We can’t wait to see where things go from here.



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