Happy Birthday, Juliette!

Another birthday, another amazing drawing. This time, Julia L. is the artist in question. We are so glad she took the time to send us her drawing.

Let’s have a look. Great artistic expression calls for deep consideration.


As you can see, this horse is named Rane Bow. Because this is a blog that anticipates the needs of those who do not like to read words written in red marker, I am happy to share that “He is jumping fire because it is for a competition.” If you sense a certain frothy determination in Rane Bow’s manner and bearing, it is because, “He would like to win.”

From the looks of things, Rane Bow is well on his way to victory? Do you see any other horses nipping at his heels? Do you? Be honest? Invisible horses do not count. If I had a trophy, I would give one of them to Rane Bow at this very moment. And I would give the other one to Juliette. The one for Juliette would be a birthday trophy. Because, as we have already established, she has just gotten another year older.

Thank you for sharing your drawing with us, Juliette. And happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Terrific painting! How old is Juliette? Happy Birthday

  2. Juliette just turned 7. Turning 7 means you suddenly know how to draw FIRE. Yeah!


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