Happy Birthday, Huckleberry!

First of all, how great is it that we have a Bobbledy club member named Huckleberry?

You don’t have to answer that question because we all know the answer. There may be no better name in the universe.

Second, Huckleberry just had a birthday. We sent him his card, and he sent it back to us, with this amazing drawing:


Huck’s mom (and superblogger) Marigold (not too shabby a name in its own right) added the following note:

Attached please find the completed image of lizards riding somewhere on something. Huck decided that the lizards would drive a car to Earth. The idea sent him into a fit of giggles and hiccups. A few notable notes: Yes, those are reverse tire damage spikes in the road. Also, the extra planet is Mars, but it is green because a red crayon was unavailable at the time of this rendering. Possibly, it was dropped under the dining table after drawing the reverse tire damage spikes. You’re just going to have to use your imaginations.

Thanks, Huck, for sharing your drawing. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us in the barn! Maybe if you’re lucky, your mom will get you a new red crayon.




  1. How about another child named Huckleberry – turned SIX on Saturday !

    • I’m an old “nana” but “new” at this …how do I attach a photo .I forgot to add Huckleberry is a beautiful, intelligent, and most of all KIND little girl ….. and we love her name !

      • Hi Elle!! How delightful! I’d be happy to post a photo if you’d like to email it to me ([email protected]). Love her name too!


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