Drawing Prompt – Hot Air Balloons!

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for our DRAWING PROMPT!

Well, I had kind of the same problem that Matthew had writing his story yesterday. I started out making a drawing about a hot air balloon and it turned into a drawing about a whale. Kind of. A whale AND a hot air balloon. But mostly I’m interested in the whale. Anyway – here it is:

Hot Air Balloon drawing

Matthew wrote up a very nice description for the ebay auction (if you’d like to own the original drawing, you can bid HERE):

Dream Beneath the Sea

To dream beneath the sea or fly above the clouds? Somewhere in the space between is all of us. This is an original pen and ink and watercolor piece by illustrator Robbi Behr, who has neither ridden in a hot air ballon nor rested in the belly of a whale. But she has stood on a pointy mountain top on a windy day, wondering whether she’s larger than a raindrop or impossibly small beneath the sky.

This illustration was drawn in response to the drawing prompt for Bobbledy Books’s theme of the week: Hot Air Balloons! Hang it above your bed and see what dreams bubble up. Drawn in pen and ink and gouache on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

(I added the bit about hanging it above your bed.)

Here’s a black and white version for you to print out and color in, if you’d like:

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page

(or you can download the pdf HERE)

So there you go! I can’t wait to see what all of YOU draw, and where you draw your hot air balloons (or whales!) heading. Post your drawings below in the comments, or instagram them using #bobbledyhotair to be entered to win an archival print of my drawing AND the right to be called Hot Air Balloon Expert and Champion of the Week (with your own color-in trophy to boot!). Go to it!


  1. Here is Harvey’s story:

    Once there were some Angry Birds and Pigs. They go all over the world. One Pig’s name is Little. He love to go down the slide. He likes the slide high. He did it when he was 20 years old. There is a bird that did the monkey bars. A hot air balloon carried them to their home. They did not see anything but clouds. Finally Little Pig fell asleep and had the best dream ever.

  2. Thalia’s hot air balloon…

  3. Phoebe’s hot air balloon!

  4. Ian’s hot air balloon:


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